On 22 March 2016, an important event was held in Geneva. The International Committee of the Red Cross convened the Panel for the Launch of the updated ICRC Commentary to the I Geneva Convention. This event has offered the Commentaries’ perspective on key humanitarian issues by showing their practical utility on the ground. The commentaries are considered to be the most influential scholar work in the field of IHL for the next decades.

The commentaries were prepared by outstanding team of experts and peer-reviewed by the best scholars from many countries. Dr. Andrey L. Kozik is the only one from Belarus and one of the few from the CIS Region who was invited and participated in the project as a peer-reviewer.

Dr. Andrey L. Kozik is an expert in International Humanitarian Law and Cyberspace (IT) Law. He is a member of many editorial boards and professional communities. From 2015 he holds the position of Secretary-General of BILA Association.

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