BILA Association initiated rounds of talks with International Law Students Association (ILSA) and is happy to announce that in 2016, the first time in the records, Belarus will be presented in Washington DC by two teams.

From the name of BILA Association we thank ILSA and namely ILSA Executive Director Ms. Lesley A. Benn for the support of this BILA’s initiative. As Ms. Benn stated in her email to BILA this become possible “as a special acknowledgement of the growth of the competition this year, and as incentive for continued growth and expansion… [w]hen a country is permitted to send more than one team for each ten teams competing, it is a special arrangement.”

This year BILA Association – first time in the history of the Jessup in Belarus – managed to motivate eight university teams to participate in the competition. This is nearly three time bigger that in the previous years.

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